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Code of Conduct

Northwest Veterans in Technology strives to be inclusive toward the entire military community and our civilian allies. To this end, we ask that you read and observe our Statement of Professional Standards and Conduct. This document outlines our call for mutual respect for other people and ideas. It acknowledges that our visible leadership in the community sets the standard for how people will perceive others in the military community. We also ask that you are sensitive in acknowledging that people attending our events may have no experience with military culture, and you should not automatically assume that a military-aged person at our events is prior service.If you observe concerning behavior from one of our members, don’t hesitate to contact our leadership team.


Veterans in Technology

Northwest Veterans in Technology is a community created by military veterans that seeks to empower all people within technology careers. We offer inclusive professional services accessible to everyone seeking more meaningful employment. In addition, our organization focuses on connecting people through our military culture and education on how to unlock pathways to rewarding careers.

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